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Cleanings and Checkups

Dental decay is the single most preventable disease in children. Dr. Bari is excited to be a positive influence on your child's oral health routine and wants to motivate you and your child to take excellent care of their teeth. Healthy habits early in a child's life can lead to a lifetime of good oral health.

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The importance of regular visits

Dental wellness checkups every six months enable Dr. Bari to keep a close eye on your child’s teeth, gums and overall oral health. At each visit, she will evaluate your child for dental decay, check their bite, evaluate their diet, brushing and flossing routine, and answer any questions you may have.

As children transition to adolescence, it gets harder for parents to oversee what their kids are eating and drinking (and how often they are brushing!), Dr. Bari and her team are here to provide age-specific dental advice and preventive techniques.

It’s important to keep trips to the dentist a regular occurrence to maintain oral health and avoid your child developing any future anxieties about visiting a dentist. We will happily be your child’s dental home even through college!

Maintaining a long-term relationship enables us to develop an understanding of your child’s oral health and develop levels of trust and comfort that are vital to making trips to the dentist as relaxing and easy as possible. Once your child has experienced a positive dental experience, we can begin to create a lifetime of good habits!

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