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Zirconia Crowns

Sometimes a child may need a crown to protect a tooth that is broken down due to decay. In this case, Dr. Bari typically recommends a zirconia crown. Our practice is unique in that we can place zirconia crowns on the child's back teeth! Scroll down to learn more about zirconia crowns at Growing Smiles Main Line Pediatric Dentistry.

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For primary (baby) teeth that are severely broken down due to dental decay, Dr. Bari is specially trained in the use of zirconia crowns. Zirconia crowns are the most esthetically pleasing of all crowns in pediatric dentistry. Zirconia crowns are all-ceramic (all white) crowns that can be placed on primary teeth in the front or back of the mouth.

Growing Smiles Main Line Pediatric Dentistry is unique in that we offer zirconia crowns on back teeth, so when your child smiles, you may have a difficult time pointing out which tooth is the crown!

Zirconia Crown - before  treatment
Zirconia Crown - Pediatric Dentistry in Narberth, PA
Zirconia Crowns After
Zirconia Crown - before treatment
Zirconia Crown
Zirconia Crown for Kids
Zirconia Crowns

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